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Literary Arts Visual Arts LABoratory is the forum where talented people come together to create two galleries of creative expressions.

Through two ports of entry, one for the Visual Arts and one for the Literary ArtsLaVaLab is essentially two complete sites in one

Why put Visual Artists and Writers under one umbrella, you ask?  Because we think both mediums translate seamlessly through the online format. Plus, Visual Artists and Writers typically create their work independently, resulting in fewer networking opportunities than other creative genres.

LaVaLab invites all Artists and Writers to set up a FREE profile including a bio and multiple frames to upload examples of work, complete with the ability to sub-categorize each piece for easy LaVaLabvisitor searches.

Artists and/or Writers can connect with each other, gain a new audience, access potential buyers and promote themselves with LaVaLab. But wait, there's more!  LaVaLab Editorials aims to keep our creative talent abreast of relevant industry news, trends, events, competitions and professional opportunities.

How to Post a LaVaLabProfile

LaVaLab is user friendly, FREE and gives each Artist and Writer the ability to manage their own profile. 

About the Markham Arts Council (MAC)

MAC is an incorporated not-for-profit organization with a focus on the arts and cultural sector that has been in continuous operation in Ontario since 2004.

Representing the most culturally diverse city in Canada, MAC’s mandate is to serve and enrich the lives of its residents by educating, developing and supporting a vibrant cultural community that champions the artswhile promoting the work of professional and emerging literary, visual andperforming artists.

LaVaLab is made possible through funding provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF).

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