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Karen Rempel

(Kato) Karen Rempel has spent the last 25 years working and studying in visual arts. Her ‘day’ job in graphic design led her to explore her talents as a painter, and for the past 5 years it has gradually taken over as her primary focus. Living at Big White Ski Resort in Canada for many years coupled with years of international living and experience has provided the inspiration to be able to create unique and diverse pieces. Again Karen is off traveling the world – this time the wonderful country of India will be providing inspiration and a backdrop to her work. Her original artwork is now hanging in many homes worldwide, including Hyderabad, India; London, England; Germany; France; Australia, USA and Canada. She thanks her supporters throughout the world. India has been the inspired backdrop for the past two years. Where better to observe the contrasts between nature and the imprint that humanity has made upon it. From the timeless boulder-strewn landscape of Hyderabad (India), where today's modern high-tech meets ancient landforms, often impossible looking rock formations, to the mystical region surrounding Hampi, where ancient graying temples stand in stark contrast to the colourful humanity thriving about their bases. She has managed to capture the essence of these contrasts with her alla prima plain aire techniques. Many of her works have been created live on-location or from reference photographs that she has clicked while exploring the countryside. Karen is now back in Canada where she is now focusing on the diverse natural surroundings that beautiful British Columbia has to offer.


Works by Karen Rempel

Beautiful Water

Buoyance of Light

Constructing a Nation

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