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Asha Aditi Ruparelia

My crafted artwork is a living document of my expression of artistic, emotional, deep rooted spiritual values, inspired by the mystique aura of my own life journey, connection to the time, places I have lived, and cultural diversity, bringing together an eclectic mix of form and texture. My paintings begin with a veiled amorphous concept about my personal relationship with life, sharing the humanity commonality, exploring persistence of the most awe-inspiring wonders of the World, as earth, animals and people. These become symbols of endurance and never-ending beauty about a mystic relationship interpreted as my expression in my art, that extends all boundaries to become unbound and Timeless. I capture the essence of classical elegance, sumptuous pallets and timeless grace to create unique artwork composed by layering, reworking and reassembling unconventional collage elements made up of reused & recycled materials, paper, textiles and acrylics, pastels, glazes, enriching the surface creating meaningful artwork. By expertly applying self derived innovative techniques using the mix media and finishes that emphasize textures, natural stone carving and antique silver effects, I transcend the ordinary and transform any surface into decorative art, spectacular array of theme paintings, tapestries and ‘Rangoli’ floor art.


Works by Asha Aditi Ruparelia

From the Soul Of Africa

Peacock Feather Colour Splash

Rangoli- Floor Art made with Edible Grains

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