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Kacy Min

I was born in a small rural village in South Korea where I spent my childhood. And then I moved to Seoul when I was a middle school student. I earned BFA from Sungshin Women's University and MFA from Hongik University. After graduation, I taught students at middle school and worked as an artist. Now I have been living in Toronto with my family since 2011. While working as an artist, I have become more and more interested in the Korean traditional house, Hanok, where I lived in my childhood. Especially, I was fascinated by the beauty of Hanji, handmade mulberry paper that attaches on the window spokes. The windows of Hanok are made by attaching Hanji on several wooden spokes that are stacked up and forming several rectangular shapes. In daytime, you can see the soft and cozy sunlight spreading over the thin Hanji. By using those warm, simple and natural colors, my works have gained such beauty of Hanji. The subject of my work is "Conversation with Ordinary Images". I imagine communicating with the nature and the ordinary objects that can be easily seen in a daily life. Rather than using complicated forms of beauty, I express inner world by emphasizing blank spaces along with restrained use of lines, forms and wet mulberry pulp, which is called Dak, the raw material for Hanji. In the past, I had interview about my work’s world with Art Korea which is magazine in Korea(2003) and Markham Arts Council in Canada(2015) and 8 solo exhibitions in Seoul and New York City. Also, I participated in 6 art fairs in several cities such as Seoul, Toronto, New York and Miami Beach. And I was invited to 120 selected group exhibitions in several countries such as Korea, France, China, Japan, Canada and the U.S. Recently, I had several group exhibitions in Toronto as a member in Korean Artists Society of Canada.


Works by Kacy Min

Conversation with Ordinary Images

Conversation with Ordinary Images

Conversation with Ordinary Images

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