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Kacy Min

Appearances of objects or nature that seem to be routine for our lives approach me as precious friends and I dream of communicating with them. In my work, form of objects which are fragmentary traces of life and the phenomena of nature that come from change of seasons, in other words, strong will of shoot coming out of a tough and rigid bark of a trunk, sorrowful last leaf of autumn, and a nest of a bird settled on a winter’s withered tree are shown with common and simple shapes, and colors, thus interacting with me for gentle emotional love. While emphasizing an extension of space rather than complicated beauty of form, I express such inner world through the use of restrained lines and forms, and mulberry which is the raw material of Hanji(Korean handmade paper). In the kneading process, mulberry which is pulp meets with a property of material. At this time I focus on the moment of interaction between the material of Hanji and the image rather than painting the simple image. I also intended to maximize the effect of texture by making the most of mulberry’s physical property instead of giving up a variety of colors. By making the most of the image of white which signifies the nature as it is, the mulberry itself becomes one expressional place. Furthermore the effect of relief created by the trace of unevenness presents a variety of shades according to height or direction of light, and gives a feeling of variation of colors on the implied Korean handmade white paper (Hanji).


Works by Kacy Min

Conversation with Ordinary Images

Conversation with Ordinary Images

Conversation with Ordinary Images

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