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Tiffany Joy Villahermosa

Villahermosa is a passionate and committed artist and community arts educator, who received her Honors Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with a Minor in Psychology, from York University in Toronto, Canada. She is devoted to exploring this vehicle of self-expression through her acrylic, calligraphic, abstract paintings and as a community arts educator within high priority neighborhoods in Toronto. Villahermosa has always had an appreciation for the power of words within music, poetry and visual art. Words of human emotions and compelling words of spiritual and emotional growth are sources of her creative inspirations on canvas and wood panel. Through observation of the sharp lines and expressive curves of each letter within the English alphabet, she creates clever compositions within her acrylic paintings with the words that move her, often unrecognizable at first glance. One letter may nestle upside down within another, or seamlessly flow into the next. Other letters may elongate to an architectural resemblance, possess piercing edges and tips or express melodious lines. The textured surfaces as the rivets of a knight's armor or coarse pumice stone and the range of her color palette compliment the rhythm of each word beautifully composed in every painting. Villahermosa’s creations have graced various exhibitions, fundraising events, and private collections, throughout North and Central America, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Canada, various cities in the United States of America, as New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, within Santa Fe, Argentina, Italy and the Netherlands. She also devotes herself to making a difference in the lives of others as a community arts educator, within high priority neighborhoods with Arts For Children and Youth (AFCY), Art City in St. James Town and the City of Toronto programs. In addition, she dedicates her talents supporting a variety of community, visual arts outreach projects. Art City is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing free and accessible art programs to the children and youth of St. James Town. Arts for Children and Youth is a registered charitable organization, who works with priority community partners and provide in Hands-on high quality arts programming for children and youth within high priority communities, through inner-city schools, community centres, hospitals, women’s shelters and Toronto Community Housing buildings. “I truly believe we all have talents we can cultivate to better our world. I am so blessed to have found my calling to fulfill my goals of self-expression as an artist and my goals to offer the exposure and expression of art to those young and mature, as a community arts educator. Self-awareness, and self respect are key values in the art programs I facilitate, to foster a positive means of constructing a healthy self-image in turn, building healthy relationships within our communities through art. The power of art transcends age, race, gender and nationality and it certainly has the potential to touch and connect people miraculously.”


Works by Tiffany Joy Villahermosa

Armoured Heart, 2013

Independence, 2013

Pains of My Ambition, 2013

Follow Your Bliss, 2013

Rewarding Success, 2013

What Is Your Truth?, 2013

Take Care of Your Destiny, 2010

You Cannot Find Peace Until All The Pieces Are Found, 2010

The Dance of Intimacy, 2010

Wake Up Where the Clouds Are Far Behind Me, 2013

Closer To My Dreams, 2013

Tender Caress, 2011

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