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Christine Buchler

Christine Buchler was born and raised in Switzerland. Her first job was working at the Red Cross in the Blood Bank in Aarau where she rented an old factory together with four painters. In l971 she married her husband Hans, and they had two daughters. They emigrated to Canada in 1981, but until then, they had a certified organic vegetable farm. She sold their products on the farmer's market. In her spare time, she produced pottery and also worked at weaving clothes. Once immigrated she worked for several years in other people's vineyards while her husband planted an organic vineyard in l982. They managed to keep their property, but only because she started to work in health care. In l991, she began nursing school and earned a diploma in nursing. In 2000, she received a bachelor of science in Nursing fromUVIC. For a few years, she studied English literature at Thompson Rivers University but was increasingly absorbed with painting. In l999 she was inspired by a female painter that she met in San Felipe, Mexico. She describes her as a 'reincarnated' Frida, but her themes of women and children agree with Christine's desire to express colours and movement. She always loved the surrealists and expressionists, but in her twenties she painted abstract. Indeed, she is again mostly attracted to abstract painting and uses media like acrylic and resin. 'Abstract because it enables all individuals to paint their own pictures; they see in a painting what they want to see.' I am trying to facilitate this phenomena. In January 2014 she was accepted to FCA as an active member. She has taken workshop and courses with local artists, but Bonny Roberts has been her greatest teacher, mainly in regards to colour science. She values Bonny's critiques. Christine Buchler, Oliver. 250 498 4150


Works by Christine Buchler

Andante Grazioso



Walking Together

Before the Storm


Song Without Words

I Love You Too

A Happy Town

Clothes Lines

Evening on the Water


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