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Alejandro Abal

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on 15th of July in 1966, where I live today. - I start creating writing. I write poems and tales since 1983, when I was finishing high school, only for my closer friends and family. Actually I am a self made plastic artist. Since near 2000 I started drawing at downtown squares near my work office, I draw buildings, city landscapes, specially the front of old buildings, because here in Montevideo there is a special architecture. There are very nice Art Nouveau and Art Deco examples. I enjoyed very much doing this, I felt very free doing something for myself. Really I was surviving a very deep depression state. Well, my first technique was mixed: pencil, pencil colors on paper and watercolors, plus ink for strong lines. - After that, I started to experiment with acrylic, which I didn´t liked, but I`m just waiting the chance to learn well about how to handle it. So I took the oil painting on carton, paper, canvas, wood, whatever I can say that my best influence, which is my best reference, is constructivism and geometric composition. My favorite is Joaquin Torres Garcia. I like his works very much. - I like works by Klee, Kandinsky, Miró, Picasso, and many more. I prefer abstract paint first of all. I respect and value all the works of all my colleagues no matter their styles. All we are brothers searching for a way in the same universe, just with different eyes, because we can´t be all the same. Now i am studying at Torres Garcia Museum, where I am learning about composition on the plane, colour, and " acrylic" .- In 2013 i started a new course about creative process and development of creative proyects .- The development of a creative project from something inpensado, different, represents a breakdown of previous preconceptions. Everything created before, does not have to perform any kind of pattern on the new creation, except everything that contributes to solidify one way or creative own style, with which one can identify, it means to see one self on  it. FORMACIÓN ARTÍSTICA Y ESTUDIOS: 2000 2011 Pintor autodidacta. Dibujo de Fachadas. Oleo en cartón, madera y tela.- 2012 Talleres de Formación Artística en el Museo Torres García a cargo del docente : - Composición en el Plano - Color - Acrílico 2013 Taller de Pintura Orientado al Desarrollo de Proyectos en el Museo Torres García. 2013 19/9/2013 Miembro de AGADU como artista visual registro de 20 obras (óleos y acrílicos en tela) integro la Galería Virtual de Artistas Visuales: 2014 Continuación del Taller de Desarrollo de Proyectos.- EXPOSICIONES: 2012 Al Sur Taller de cuadrería - Bartolomé Mitre 1379 2012/2013 Galería y Cuadrería Acuarela Yí1439 2013 3 y 4 de Junio Pintura Nacional Remates Castells 2013 25 de Junio - Pintura Nacional Remates Castells 2013 Octubre Muestra Colectiva: Puentes Casa de la Cultura de Piriápolis 2014 Mayo Muestra Colectiva: Cálices - sala Adolfo Pastor del Taller de Artes Plásticas 2014 del 9 de Junio al 7 de Julio Muestra Puentes en el Castillo de Piria .- 2014 Próximamente Club Banco Hipotecario Bodegones ARTISTIC TRAINING AND STUDIES: 2000 - 2011 - Self-taught painter. Facades drawing. Oil on cardboard, wood and fabric. - 2012 - Artistic Training Workshops in the Torres García Museum by the teacher: - Membership in Plano - Color - Acrylic 2013 - Painting Workshop "Development Oriented Projects" in the Museo Torres García. 2013 - 19/09/2013 - Member of AGADU as a visual artist - record 20 works (oils and acrylics on canvas) - Complete the Virtual Gallery of Visual Artists: 2014 - Continuation of Project Development Workshop. - EXHIBITIONS: 2012 - South - Workshop cuadrería - Bartolomé Mitre 1379 2012/2013 - Gallery and cuadrería Watercolor - Yí1439 2013-3 and June 4 - National Shooting Painting Castells 2013-25 June - National Shooting Painting Castells 2013 - October - Group Show: "Bridges" - House of Culture of Piriapolis 2014 - May - Group Show: "Chalices" - Room "Pastor Adolfo" Plastic Arts Workshop 2014 - June 9 to July 7 - Sample "Bridges" at Castle Pirie. - 2014 - Coming soon - Mortgage Bank Club - "Still Life" 2014 - Exhibition of the Painting Tailleur at Torres García Museum


Works by Alejandro Abal

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