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Diana Rosa

Art not only evokes memories and contemplation but it also encounters the present and shapes the future. My work is the product of a rich heritage from my origins in Cuba, images that reflect my memories from my tropical experience. I create a visual dialogue of abstracted and primal figurative paintings. These paintings are narrative and convey symbolic keys of moments in life. Elegance and sensuality is combining with spirituality in a contemplative surreal environment. The landscape has an endless yearning, a nostalgic state which, currently looks into the future, expecting a new event to occur. I strive to draw honest and intriguing lines, to investigate the beautiful, as well as the odd, and to illuminate the common in an environment of graphic symbols and universal layered patterns. I am always fascinated with the human story that all of us are living- often untold, sometimes unrecognized, but always significant. My paintings reflect the natural beauty of human emotions. Greatly influenced by modern masters from Cezanne, Henri Matisse to Picasso, my bold colorful paintings are filled with love, laughter, music and dance. In this way I feel that I am remaining truthful and honest to the artistic impulse and the process of painting always remains a joyful discovery each time I approach the canvas. While I use a variety of acrylic mediums and processes in each painting my methodology is consistent. I start with a number of sketches on paper. A sketch is selected and then drawn full size onto canvas. Using sharp brush strokes, palette knives, contrasting textures and multiple layers helps me to create a very distinctive and playful world. My work tends to focus on the human relationship, the development of bigger and bigger musical landscapes, more and more people, party and music. My premise is that the composition and stories of these paintings act as a focal point for meditation on such concepts as virtue, beauty, serenity, benevolence, and tranquility.


Works by Diana Rosa

Jungle fragment

Forest # 1

Back up plan

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