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Jimmy Sun

Jimmy Sun is a fine artist and lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jimmy‘s oil and acrylic paintings express impressionism style and mainly focus on the characteristic landscape of North America. The beautiful North American landscape has been inspiring jimmy’s art creation since his arriving in 2000. However, he was not restricted to only copy what in front of him. Jimmy always try to catch the fleeting magnificent moment of nature and pass the joyful mood to viewers. Jimmy’s art is about entertaining people instead of recording the scenery only. For years practice, Jimmy’s style slowly changed from realistic towards revealing a strong fascination with the qualities of light. Jimmy also believes that a painting with good designing and skillful conducting of tonal, color and brush strokes will has strong power and can bring more joys to viewers Jimmy started to learn drawing and painting from a private art teacher when he was 14. He also attended some art school training along his growing up. However, Jimmy still considers himself as a self-taught artist. Jimmy thinks his ability to create a viewer-loved painting mainly comes from his abundant art books reading and art videos watching, as well as daily strict art skill practicing. In 2009, the painting "Fishing Season"(Oil, 16x20"), has won the Second Place Award in Framing Dames 2009 Art Show, Toronto. In 2012, the painting "The Creek of Inglish Fall, Ontario" (Oil, 18x22") has won the Best Oil Painting in The Art Guild of Scarborough 2012 Art Show, Toronto. In 2013, the painting "Ablaze with Fall Foliage II"(Oil, 22x40") has won the Honorable Mention Award in The Art Guild of Scarborough 2013 Art Show, Toronto. In 2017, his painting "Niagara Fall_II" (Oil, 18 x 36") has won Juror's Award in Cedar Ridge Gallery Spring Art Show, Toronto. Jimmy’s paintings have been collected in Canada, USA, China, Germany and Czech.


Works by Jimmy Sun

Smidget and Marble

Powerful Charming

A Sweet Summer Tune

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