Norman Allan: the story, for Ezra

by Norman Allan

  • Literary (Genre) Historical
  • Literary (Length) Long (3000+words)

My story, for Ezra... Book One: is what's unique-ish (Ultradilution, and that... Book Two: is secrets... (see:

Norman Allan : the story

I'm jumping up and down because I've just finished writing a tasty(1) little novel, Ted Allan in Spain: the movie, which is the most interesting and exciting story, starring Hemingway and Bethune and… and my father, a story that should be told, and I think I have an agent! but I'm sad, because it's raining, and cause sometimes I'm just a lonely old man, without a dog: but this afternoon I'm with Ezra. We're in the Market, in the rain. Ezra is chastising me: "You are sad because you are buried in your books, and your thoughts, and your memories. You must be here! I am here," says Ezra, "with the elements, the rain. the earth, the life, the living. See the tree. It's living. And finally, after all else, the light." Ezra finds God in the light. And then, in contradiction - we are all bathed in contradictions - he says, "Write your story. It would be fascinating. I'd read it. I'll commission it! I'll pay you… two hundred dollars, next time I'm in town.
Is it two years ago Ezra commissioned a painting. "Paint me "Norman Allan as the Universe"? He paid me a pittance, but that's part of the teaching.
So this is for Ezra: beyond Norman Allan as the Universe - Norman Allan: the story.

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