Why Being Outside Your Comfort Zone is Awesome For You

by Deborah Hall

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“The TRUTH is like a LION. You don’t have to defend it. Let it LOOSE. It will defend itself.”
…St. Augustine

I’ve been guilty of defending TRUTH. When you gain knowledge of some things that you know, that you know, that you know to be the TRUTH, you become eager for those that you love, for those that you care about, to access that knowledge too.

There is a saying that “there are none so blind as those who will not see.”

But, we have ALL grown up conditioned by corruption, greed, and power. To feel powerless. To believe that there is nothing we, as only ONE person can do. We’ve had years and years of teachings of powerlessness, which have kept us in the dark about how our world, and how the universe REALLY works.

If you feel you are ready to hear the truth…Read on. Here’s the secret, and it’s been a HUGE, SUCCESSFUL secret, that’s been hidden from us…It is this…

The real problem of our years of conditioning is one of “energy usage.” And, the secret of how it’s been used against us has been brought to us through Main Stream Media. That’s right. Every day. Coming at us from our own TV’s.

We must begin to think of our energy usage as OUR VALUE. We need to become misers with our own energy. Spend it only on THAT WHICH WILL SET YOU FREE.

We don’t need to starve ourselves of energy in order to do this. Rather, we need to become much more aware of how we SPEND our energy and start to pull back from activities that we normally engage in like watching TV because that is THE SYSTEM THAT WAS SET UP TO ENSLAVE US ALL. It is a prison.

We simply need to correct where we SPEND our energy. Realize that reality is collectively created by us ALL.

Know that war, for example, can only continue if enough people in the world think it is NECESSARY.

Can you see that what takes place on our planet and what is ALLOWED to take place here is based on the belief and conviction of the people who live inside this reality? That’s us! Can you see therefore, that war can only occur if enough people think it is necessary?

That is what the real purpose of the MEDIA is…

It is to tell us why we need to believe a war is necessary! It is done by telling you step by step exactly how and why you need to FORM AN OPINION about a certain issue in a certain way so that you can come to a predetermined conclusion about what they want.

You’ve been TAUGHT all of your life…by others…who were in truth lying to you, that you have no POWER, and that your opinion does not count!

Your opinion counts more than you will ever know!

You see, you are a single cell living in a much larger body called humanity. Those thoughts and beliefs that you hold to be true will have an affect upon the entire body of humanity whether you are aware of it or not.

And if enough cells of this body of humanity hold a certain belief, then it will override the other cells and become the predominant thought form or, the predominant WILL of the entire group.

Do you see how important it is to understand this? That is why you need to FLEE YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Now is not soon enough. It is a prison. You will never know the POWER you have until you start to use it. To know that you are a powerful creator being.

Yes indeed. The way to defeat this is to STARVE it. Remove your consent from it. Start spending your energy to increase YOUR VALUE. In ways that make a difference to this planet. To humanity.


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