The Age of Culture

by Paul Schafer

  • Literary (Genre) Other
  • Literary (Length) Long (3000+words)

In The Age of Culture, D. Paul Schafer draws on a lifetime of research and reflection to consider the implications of the cultural world view and the promise it holds for improving the human prospect. Arguing that the current world system is overly dominated by economics, Schafer considers the prerequisites for a cultural age, the ways in which such an age would transform patterns of human life, and the advances in human fulfilment that the advent of such an age and its associated values would bring. Since the first international conference on cultural policy was held in Venice in 1970, culture has grown increasingly important to nations and individuals alike. In less than fifty years, culture has moved from being seen as a peripheral activity in the world to being utterly indispensable to the achievement of vital social and developmental goals. It’s now clear that culture in the broadest sense—the sum of human experience and achievement—is intimately connected to all the world’s most pressing problems. Such challenges are legion: climate change, inequality, resource depletion, and conflicts between different nations, ethnic groups, and individuals. None of these problems can be addressed effectively, much less resolved, without recourse to the holistic, all-encompassing perspective that culture provides. Paul Schafer has spent much of his life wrestling with these issues and demonstrating why culture has a crucial role to play in addressing them. The Age of Culture is a book that is timely, urgent—yet ultimately hopeful. The Age of Culture is available through Amazon and other online retailers, and from Rock's Mills Press at

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