Wake Up, Dream Boy!

by chimezie ihekuna

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‘Wake up, Dream boy!’ explores the ordeals of a young teenage man, Tom, through a dream he had. It combines geographic names, conceptualized characters, metaphysical locations and various thought realms. Things took upside-down positions as Tom, who, at the time was in High school, took to ardent viewing of horrific movies and more especially, frequent reading of books containing diabolic undertones, instilling in his mind the imaginations of evil deeds and all manners of diabolism. Consequently, he became so obsessed with anything scary that soliloquizing became his second nature. In fact, during class-room lectures, he was left out of the learning galore as the thoughts of previously watched scary movies echoed themselves and took center stage in his mind. Left alone, he took his time to go on look-outs for books, whatever the price, that flood in the beings of Zombies, ghosts and other extra-terrestrial entities. To make matters worse, his friends, owing to their inability to put at bay the in-dwelling of evil machinations conceived by frequently keeping his eyes glued to movies and books unveiling scary images, blood-feasting demons, cannibals and “commit-suicide voices of evil”, kept him at armslenght to avoiding being infected with the viruses of evil Tom housed. It was so glaring that he would be living a world of his own where he will be the only one to communicate to himself at all times. Interestingly, like an untreated symptom-turn-disease, he became soliloquy-personified. Eating deep into every fiber of his being, he began meditating words he heard from the movies he watched and books he read to acquaint himself on how to play second fiddle to the sounds of evil. All efforts made by his mother, Sarah, whose husband died shortly after the lad was brought to Mother Earth, ended in wild goose chases as the rehabilitation homes and correction facilities encountered hard nut to crack times in trying to uninstall the viral overload of evil machinations. After all said and done, he was shown the exits out of the buildings. His mom, as a result of his excesses, without batting an eyelid, decided to leave him to fate, since she had two other growing infants. The result of that decision…? A dream that played itself out and inevitably points at one thing: for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

‘Wake Up, Dream Boy!’

As Written By:
Mr. Ben

‘Wake up, Dream boy!’ explores the ordeals of a young teenage man, Tom, through a dream he had. It combines geographic names, conceptualized characters, metaphysical locations and various thought realms.
Things took upside-down positions as Tom, who, at the time was in High school, took to ardent viewing of horrific movies and more especially, frequent reading of books containing diabolic undertones, instilling in his mind the imaginations of evil deeds and all manners of diabolism. Consequently, he became so obsessed with anything scary that soliloquizing became his second nature. In fact, during class-room lectures, he was left out of the learning galore as the thoughts of previously watched scary movies echoed themselves and took center stage in his mind. Left alone, he took his time to go on look-outs for books, whatever the price, that flood in the beings of Zombies, ghosts and other extra-terrestrial entities.
To make matters worse, his friends, owing to their inability to put at bay the in-dwelling of evil machinations conceived by frequently keeping his eyes glued to movies and books unveiling scary images, blood-feasting demons, cannibals and “commit-suicide voices of evil”, kept him at armslenght to avoiding being infected with the viruses of evil Tom housed. It was so glaring that he would be living a world of his own where he will be the only one to communicate to himself at all times.
Interestingly, like an untreated symptom-turn-disease, he became soliloquy-personified. Eating deep into every fiber of his being, he began meditating words he heard from the movies he watched and books he read to acquaint himself on how to play second fiddle to the sounds of evil. All efforts made by his mother, Sarah, whose husband died shortly after the lad was brought to Mother Earth, ended in wild goose chases as the rehabilitation homes and correction facilities encountered hard nut to crack times in trying to uninstall the viral overload of evil machinations. After all said and done, he was shown the exits out of the buildings. His mom, as a result of his excesses, without batting an eyelid, decided to leave him to fate, since she had two other growing infants.
The result of that decision…? A dream that played itself out and inevitably points at one thing: for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

How It All Began…
Tom came back home from school, feeling tired. He managed to switch on the TV and tune in to his favorite TV program, Celebrity Timeout. His tiredness soon disappeared as he saw the program’s anchor present his favorite actor, Dan Dunne as guest for the program. Tom’s eyes were glued to the TV with his ears paying rapt attention to the interview.
Anchor (Dressed in white gown with a complimenting high-hill pair of white shoes sits to the left of the screen. She begins the program): Hello viewers at home, this is Ms. Frances, your anchor for Celebrity Timeout showing on this station, Ch 123. As you all know, this is a program that takes a look at the lives of our today’s celebrities before they became what they are…Their experiences with the opposite sex and what lessons they learned to become better when it comes to relationships. I have with me in the studio a known thespian…an authority and a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. He’s no other than Dan Dunne!
Dan Dunne (Dressed in suite, all-smiling and full of life responds): It’s a pleasure!
Ms. Frances (Talks a little about Dan and ask the first question): Dan, it’s no news that you’re a sought-after actor at the moment. Your name is noised everywhere in all nooks and crannies of the place. Yes, news stories, particular stories coming from the entertainment world, have said a lot about you… However, viewers watching this program would love to hear you confirm what had been said about your rise to fame. Now, up close and personal…
Dan Dunne (Clears his throat): Well, I’d say my rise to fame wasn’t an easy one. By the way, viewers, my actual name is Gary Don. Dan Dunne is actually my thespian name…
Ms Frances (Interrupts, expresses her surprise): Wow! I never knew this! Dan Dunne is actually Gary Don?! It’s gets interesting!
Dan Dunne (continues): Yes, most of my fans aren’t just aware of this…But to them, if you didn’t know …Now you know! On set, call me Dan Dunne but off it, I’m Gary Don! Now back to the discussion…I’m the very first and only child of my father who single-handedly raised me to the man I am today after the demise of his wife, my mom, when I was barely three years of age. Growing up for me was mixed with the good, bad and ugly. Back in the day, my dad would always ensure I’m indoors all the time studying. A teacher he was, he trained me to realize that education comes first more than anything else. It was ugly for me because the things I like to do like playing with my friends in the neighborhood in the peak of the afternoon hours was sacrificed for studying. I saw the bad side of life when my father had a fatal accident that damaged the left-side of his leg. To this day, though I’m happy he’s pretty much alive and young even at eighty; his limping movement has always been a reminder to what happened to him about forty years ago.
Ms. Frances (Sees the rather pale look on Dan’s face and feels pity for him): Oh…This really happened? Life…Hmmm! Well, for every fame one attains in life, there comes a price. That leads to the question: Your rise and rise to fame…Tell us how you climbed through the ladder of success in the entertainment industry. Your status isn’t easy to come by.
Dan Dunne (Pale look disappears... Puts on a lively outlook): Where do I begin? It’s a long story but I will cut it short. I started my acting career in my elementary class. My class teacher recognized that I was outspoken and ostentatious in character. So, she decided to put me on in the school’s Theater Group. I’d done a lot of Theater displays when I was five years old. But the big break came through when I met and fell in love with Trisha. She was sixteen at the time. Interestingly, she became my first fan! It was through her I met the then rave-of-the-moment film-maker, Jesse Toms. She happened to be his daughter. Trisha was my first love and her encouragement spurred me to wining my first-ever awarding in acting at age 18: Young Actor of the year. I got quite a number of jobs and as they say, “one thing leads to the other”, from being an aspiring mainstream actor to the one I’m today, I met quite a great number of movers and shakers of the industry. As a result, I’d always count myself a success!
Ms. Frances: You’ve really inspired me a lot! But you seemed to have missed one thing: Is Trisha still there with you? Please, tell us…
Dan Dunne (Laughs mildly): Ah… Should I disclose my privacy to everyone simply because I’m a celeb? Okay…I will…but I will only disclose a tip of the iceberg: we are still best of friends and she’s always been, still is and will forever be my number one fan! Anything else won’t be necessary.
Ms Frances: You’re a star, no doubt. Your cute look and sense of panache would have attracted a bevy of female admirers. How do you get to handle them?
Dan Dunne: That’s the nature of what we do as actors. We’re bound to encounter a company of female admirers. But for those of us who are focused, including me, we’ve learned to draw the line between pleasure and business. Business comes before pleasure. Yes, to be the entertainers we are, we have to give ‘room’ for them to be with us. But that don’t mean they have a greater influence on us…it’s through our profession they got to know us.
Ms. Frances: I picked a phrase from what you just said…and that was “...to be with us…” Do you just date them or have fun with them?
Dan Dunne (looks confused at first but gathers his composure): Well! Well! Well Hmmm…By “…to be with us”, you’re right when you said date them. But we don’t get to date them seriously. Trust me, we don’t!
Ms. Frances: Dan, how has been your relationship with the opposite sex?
Dan Dunne: Apart from Trisha, I handle my relationship with my female friends, supporters and admirers on platonic grounds. No strings attached! Nothing more nothing less!
Ms. Frances (asks the last two questions as the program comes to an end): I’d to ask you two questions: What’s your advice for aspiring actors and those who wish to be in a true relationship?
Dan Dunne (answers briefly): As for the first question, I’d say that you have to keep working out your fame---improve on your artistic ability, attend film festivals and never give up, despite the discouragements you’re facing---home, friends and other sources. And for being in an honest relationship, I say this to my fans out there: please, whatever you see me do in movies stays with the movie life. An honest relationship is something that should be worked out by two individuals who have decided to be with each other, no matter what.
Ms. Frances (Rounds up the program): Yes, you’ve heard it from the Horses’ mouth…an honest relationship ought to be worked out by two individuals who have decided to be with each other, no matter what and keep working on your artistic ability, attend film festivals and never give up on your dream. Viewers, we have come to the end of the program Celebrity Timeout. Join us again, same time and station next week for another bumper package. Dan, it’s a pleasure having you on this program and I look forward to seeing you subsequently.
Dan Dunne (responds with a smile): You’re welcome! I’ll always come around…
Ms Frances (Rounds off): Bye for now!
The program ends. Tom switches off the TV set he was watching the living room and goes straight to his bedroom upstairs.
As he lied on his back on the bed, he thought to himself: “I’ve been asking out different women…Though not in school. Yet, they don’t get to answer me. They look at me as being naïve… someone who doesn’t know his left from his right. A mom’s boy! Despite my huge-looking physique, my presence puts them off. What am I not doing right?”
Tom pondered on this question for about two minutes. Somehow, he articulated the answer---a decision--- to try out the girls in his class. “Yes! I see why I’ve been getting things wrong. Instead I tried the girls in school, I go for outsiders. So, I’d have to make the move…ask first the five girls in my class---Alisha, Jane, Michelle, Vivian and Miriam. I really like them all but I’d like to work out an honest relationship with the one that agrees…I doubt if two would…But you never know! Anything can happen! I’ll woe them at different locations in school and at several times-lunch time, closing time…whatever! I have to begin planning it out! I’m not my favorite actor, Dan Dunne, though I’m inspired with what he’d said some minutes ago on Celebrity Timeout…He’s star! I’m not…But I pray to be one someday! I’d start the whole thing tomorrow in school. Afterall, the earlier, the better”
Tom worked plan. He decided he’ll start with his most admired girl in his class-Alisha during lunch time. But he took it a step further: he will ask each of them out throughout the five-day period-discuss with one for each day. “After Alisha” he assured, “the rest would follow suit as I’d be ‘lead’”. His strategy would lead him to something his obsession later hinged on…
Day 1: With Alisha, at Lunch Time while in class
“Alisha, it’s true I’ve not been talking to you all the while. But I find you quite interesting”
“Tom, it’s surprising that you of all persons can decide to talk to me…It’s exciting to know!” Alisha responded in amazement.
“Yes…the only thing in life is change. And that’s the change I’ve come to ask from you”
“What change, Tom?” Alisha curiously asked.
“Well, to be frank, ever since I set my eyes on you the first day, something told me you’ll be a good partner to me. But my naïve self wouldn’t let me let the cat of the bag. Nonetheless, this time is an opportunity for me to say what’s held me bound for weeks: I WANT YOU TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND”
“You must be kidding Tom, Tell me you were joking!”
“I’m dead serious, Alisha”
Alisha jovial look soon turned bitter. But Tom wasn’t moved at all.
“If you’re joking, please stop it!” Alisha warned, pointing the ‘warning sign’ at Tom, “I entertained you because this was your first time talking to me. Thinking you’d discussing with me very important; you came with an impossible offer! Now, take a good look at yourself… From your head down to your toes, you are yet to come to the full stature of maturity.”
“What do you mean by ‘full stature of maturity’?” Tom asked, seeking for clarification.
“When you get home, do your homework…do your findings. As you can see I want to arrange my book for the next class”
Tom left her disappointed. Yet, he didn’t back down. The weight of disappointment encouraged him to proceed with whom he’d ask the next day. His ‘leading’ guessed Jane.
Day 2: With Jane at Break Time in the classroom…
“Jane, I want you to be mine friend”
“Everyone is my friend, including you, Tom. Why ask me what you already are”
“You didn’t get me right…I meant I want you to be my priceless jewel.”
“What do you mean by ‘priceless jewel’” Jane asked, looking a bit confused.
Tom answered: “I want you to be my only lover”
It appeared all hell was let loose. Jane’s wrath of dissatisfaction hit the audible nerves of Tom ears.
“Have you ever been told that you’re a monster? Your intimidating physique makes me think you’re alien! Honestly speaking! Now, an alien asking me out is almost the most hilarious and impossible task I can ever think of… Now Tom, before I report you to the head class teacher, I want you to leave me alone and right now!”
Tom departed and spent the rest of the day at school in anguish. He talked to himself: “Why should this really happen? The common theme so far has been my physique. Jane and Vivian have repeated this. Should love be determined by one’s physical looks? Should a girl look at the maturity status of a boy to be his lover? I don’t just get it! But I chose not to be confused. I will follow my plan to the letter! My next pick will be…”
Again, following his guessing, he picked Michelle for Day 3…
Day 3: With Michelle at closing time
Michelle was leaving the school premises when he heard from behind a baritone voice yelling: “Hello Michelle, stop there!!! I want to speak with you!!!” As she saw it was Tom, she halted her fast movement, waiting for Tom to approach her-where she was-the school’s gate. Other students also looked as well to hear Tom’s yelling.
“Can I have a word with you for a minute?” Tom asked, after he got to where she was.
“Do you mind us going to the playground site?”
“I don’t.”
Michelle was wondering what Tom really wanted to talk to her about as they approached there.
Tom began the discussion…
“I know time is of the essence… Please, I want you to be my girlfriend”
“For what?” asked Michelle, looking at her wristwatch.
“You’ll understand as time unfolds” Tom assured
“In that case, I’m not interested! In fact, it can’t be possible for the reason you that’s obvious”
Michelle stared at Tom from the crown of his head to the soul of his feet. Tom got what she meant.
In anger, Tom reacted: “Impossible is found in the memory of fouls!”
With a sadistic grin, Michelle replied: “It’s only impossible if two don’t agree! Can two work together if they don’t agree? Tom, don’t be the foul here! I have to go home. Bye”
“Bye too”
Tom was more disappointed than he was. He was still head-bent. As usual, he was ‘led’ to pick Miriam as his Day 4 talk-mate…
Day 4: With Miriam, Lunch Time, at the playground
“Hello Miriam. You must be wondering why I urgently needed your attention and why I our talk to be held right here…”
“You got it right, Tom! In fact when you told me in class during Break Time that you really wanted to see me, I was surprised---You’ve never for once talked to me…Now, you wanted to see me urgently. I later thought through this twist and decided to honor your request…Please, What’s it you want to discuss with me…that urgent issue?”
Miriam’s tough countenance took its toll on Tom: It was difficult to pass his message. However, his about-twenty-seconds muteness calmed the wave of the welling up of incoherent words in the voicing-out of his vocal chords.
“The urgent thing---I mean the very reason I really wanted to see you is---I like you. As a matter of fact, it will be a thing of joy if you become my girlfriend”
“What?! You must be joking! How do you want a ‘yes’ from me when I barely know you? If you’re in Dream World or Island of Fantasy, please, wake up and face the reality of the day---things like what you just requested don’t happen at an instant. Except you’re seeking for the services of a whore, of which I’m not, then you have no clue as to what you’re asking of. By the way, anything else aside this, Tom?”
Tom’s word loss became obvious as he stared at Miriam’s face.
“Hmmm…You know…You see…I would like us to…”
“Yes, you know what, you see what and I’d like us to what…? I’m all ears, Mr. Lover boy Tom?”
“Okay…I ‘ll”
Miriam realized the need not to waste her time: she knew Tom had nothing else to say.
“I’m sorry I’d have to end the discussion myself at this point, since, you have nothing else to tell me…Tom, when you’re ready to discuss something important, my door is open. You’re free to come knock at it…And I will surely open it for you to come in. Do have a great day ahead, Tom!
Miriam left him and went to the classroom. This was ten minutes before the end of Lunch Break. Tom stood there motionless for the next five minutes. But he summed the courage to leave the place and head straight to class for school’s teaching period-two minutes before.
“Miriam happens to be the fourth girl who has turned down my request”, Tom observed, lying helpless on the bed in his room, hours after he came back from school, “Tomorrow, the last day of the school week, I’ll have to pick the last-but-not-the-least girl. Hmmm… That would have to be … Vivian! This is what I’d do…just give up! But before I do the hanging-up thing, I’d seek for one who is experienced in the game of love. Who could that be? Will find out after tomorrow…I’ve made up my mind---; get Vivian talking and if she doesn’t agree, what’s next to do? Seek for someone who is experienced in the game of love.”
Day 5: With Vivian at Break-Time
“Vivian, I want you to know that I like you for who you really are…You’re just my type of girl”
“Where are you driving at, Tom?” Vivian asked, though pretending not to know his intent.
“I want you to be mine…”
“That’s way too funny, Tom. You know, the first day I set my eyes on you in school, I thought your being reserved meant a great deal…but now I know…Tom, to be honest, I really like you gentlemanly outlook but this, to me, can best qualify you as my friend. Nothing more, nothing less!”
Tom pressed further: “We can get started from here. Vivian, you’ll make my day if you just give me the keys to your very soul and let me in…I promise I’ll open it gently, come in and take proper possession of it by loving forever.”
“That’s very thoughtful of you, Tom”, Vivian applauded but had something different to say, “Never knew you had it in you-the instinct of a poet. But Tom, I want you to get this---I’m not interested. I have a guardian taking care of my education since cradle and I don’t want to disappointment his mandate given to me--- your education comes first before anything else. Look for that girl that’s made for you---she could be somewhere else waiting… I’m not available at this time. I’m sorry, Tom. I want to visit the Ladies. If you don’t mind, you can wait for me when I get back”
For the rest of Tom’s stay at school, he was lost deep in thought as to whom he’d talk to---the one who is, in his words, ‘experienced in the game of love’. He got the ‘leading’ to meet Kyle, his friend and close-door neighbor after he was done with the day’s activity in school. Instead of going home, he chose to pay Kyle a visit at his apartment. Fortunately, Kyle was very much around, though Tom didn’t inform him of his visit. He began the discussion:
“Kyle, I watched Dan Dunne’s interview on Celebrity Timeout. He’s my favorite actor and in fact, the very one I look up to. He said an honest relationship is certainly work-out stuff. On that reason, I decided that I work out one with the girls in my school. Yes, I tried other ladies but my approach was too trivial. They bounced me! I thought I had a better chance of hooking up with just one of the five I mapped out for discussions. I used a five-day, one-day-for-a girl plan, beginning with the girl I most admire---Alisha. Unfortunately, everything all backfired after I discussed with them all. That left me really frustrated. At this point, Kyle, I need your advice as to how to go about working out an honest relationship”
Kyle, sited on his couch, took a look at Tom, restless on the couch he was sited, and shook his head.
“Tom, do you think relationships work like that? I’m sorry they don’t and for your information, an honest relationship would involve the decision between two individuals who have taken it upon them to ‘stick’ with each other. I do not follow anyone’s belief on how to go about working out an honest relationship. Experience has taught me a lot of things! Tom, from what I know, what worked for me may not get you the success you desire. You’ll need to find that peculiar approach, of course, resident in you, to make it work. Therefore, I strongly advise that you focus on your studies. As you do that, that peculiar you would well-up on the inside bring out the right idea and positioning you to get the right girl of your choice. And it would be lot more easier to work out an honest relationship with her.
Kyle’s advice went to Tom’s deaf ears. Tom’s unhidden look of disappointment at Kyle encouraged him to leave his apartment and worked about ten steps to his. Tom was lost in a trance after thinking through all that had been said to him in the past few days. In the living room, Tom had a still voice whisper: Tom, you’re at the crossroad---an in-between---the devil and the deep blue sea. You’ve approached five embodiments of feminine energy. Yet, no one complemented you. Five is actually a symbol for grace. You know deep down within you that the grace has been exhausted. Anything else you do on this issue will lead you to nothing. I have come to help you…Embrace the energy of the world system---the EVIL-LIVE energy. That’s the fulfillment you can ever get and what would take you beyond the illusions of being in an honest relationship. In your own interest, look for the book, THE BOOK OF EVILS. It’s the only solution to your predicament…
“THE BOOK OF EVILS” was the words he declared when he regained his consciousness. This was thirty minutes before his mom, Sarah with his siblings, Stan and Gat, returned from work
But the beginning of Tom’s turning point from working out an honest relationship to what would be his persona began from that moment…

Inside Manama, a place in the Isle of Grata…
Tom, domineering in posture, during a get-together with his school mates, took center stage in a manner that they became the cynosure of all eyes. Mike took him to Mania, an outskirt of Manama. Tom had no idea of what it meant to attend parties because his obsession for ‘diabolic’ books was at its peak in his life-going to school in Manama’s busiest attraction, Hama, few miles from where he lived, and coming back home where the two destinations Tom had ever known in his life! Still in the mood of dancing, the thought rolled in his mind; the need to get at the nearest bookstore a book that will soothe the craving of his inner self-The Book of Evils. Although he didn’t have the money to make purchase and saw no need to ask for some money from his peers, he was head-bent on getting that soothing relief-the book. Unfortunately, Tom had no idea of the place he was! This would put him in a fix!
In an arrogant manner and amidst all the noise, he yelled: “I’m out of here! … Will check on y’all soon!”
Perplexed his classmates were, Mike, one of the get-together attendees, yelled: “where are you going?! We agreed to spend all day here but you here you are walking out on us just like that!”. Mike’s statements didn’t make sense to Tom as responded by his deaf ears. He was poised to go the extra-mile to ensure that the book gets to him.
Though he was obviously not familiar with the place, he mysteriously located a bookstore at the ebbing hours of the day after moving the length and breadth of the area. As he went right in, he met a female attendee, whom he later knew as Tasha. With no money in his pocket, Tom, using his baritone voice and garnishing it with words of poetic influences, mesmerized Tasha.
“My sweet pearl, how is love truly taking care of you? I strongly know that you’ll have what I need the most-the Book of Evils. I’m talking through you to subconsciously hand over the book to me!”
“Yes, I will” replied the hypnotized Tasha.
Tasha had no idea of what she was doing. She was completely lost in the euphoria of the poetic in-filling of Tom’s words in a soothing baritone voice. Unknown to her, she failed to fence what was left in her care, allowing Tom exercise his naturally sticky fingers and eventually disappear into thin air with the big fish he caught; The Book of Evils.
Succeeding in what he wanted, Tom, after a long aimless walk, somehow, managed his way to the venue of the get-together but found the absent presence of Mike and the rest of his level mates; friends inclusive. It was at this point Tom knew he was at a fix-he never knew the way to his house. Still, he was very satisfied parting away with the book. Now, the die is cast; will Tom swallow his ego and ask for the way to his house or decide to move from pillar to post aimlessly? After intense rumination about his current predicament, he got off the hook of being trapped between the devil and deep blue sea by turning himself to the nearest ‘Missing Persons’ station in the area, which he was lucky to accidentally find; thanks to his unrelenting quest to find his way home! It was able to rescue Tom’s apparent doom because the announcement caught the attention of every
It took a Good Samaritan, in the person of Kyle, who happened to be his next-door neigbour to come to his rescue and took him home. On getting home, Sarah, who was also a mother to his two younger siblings, rained brimstone and fire as both parties were busy trading words at each other. In what seemed to the height of altercation, close-door neigbours had to clear the air of rift that existed between Tom and his mum. Again, the only thing that mattered to Tom was the Book of Evils in his possession, nothing more. Normalcy returned as peace became the order of the day except for thing…Tom’s obsession for the books he stole! This would affect him in a certain way…
It was a fateful Friday evening, at about 7:00p.m, when he decided to give room for extensive perusal of the book he took away without the official consent of the attendant at the bookstore. In no time, he got himself soaked in the potency of the book’s communicated words. After eight long hours of reading between the pages in his private room, the wind of sleep blew him away. It was during his sleep, he had this disturbing dream…

Tom saw himself teleported to a place where his perplexity became an understatement; the generality of the anonymous location he found himself was a wonder to him. Moving about the place was akin to moving in circles with no co-ordinates-north, south, east and west parameters as direction guidelines.
To get rid of his panicking emotions, he yelled: “Can someone help me?! Help me! Help me! I do not know the way out of here!” Alas, his voice echoed back at him-an indication of the absence of people. Again, in his fearful state, Tom kept moving at a dying quest to be rescued. Yet, all his efforts were void.
Lost in deep thought, Tom looked inwards and keyed in his arsenal of emotions and realized that the solution might not be far-fetched. Still, he was left between the devil and deep blue sea as his continued yelling didn’t get any hearings. Due to his almost-exhausted energy, he re-directed his energy focus to his emotions and saw that the solution lied in his hands. After a careful cogitation, a reflection that pointed at the TRUTH which would be a way out of the labyrinth Tom was in. Upon the activation of his emotional energies, he brought to his possession the TRUTH-Key of All Revelations. Tom, somehow, had a way of interpreting unusual assertions made by the TRUTH as he learnt its fundamentals from his favorite book; The Book of Evils.
The TRUTH, in an esoteric and echoing voice, looking at Tom’s pitiful state, said:
The TRUTH known as the Key of All Revelations is a sacred pearl shaped in the form of a key that unveils the way out of the labyrinth you are in. This anonymous place is known as the Land of Infinity. It is an endless sojourn that keeps one in eternity with no direction with respect to space. It is a circle that knows no time, keeps someone stagnant forever, even after the end of time. If you are here, there is no way out. However, for your sake, I have brought before you the way outs of this place. Here, there are Seven Escape Routes from this place. I will explain to you the seven escape routes; what they really about and the one which I advise you to follow.
First is the Land of Contemplation. This is a place where there are endless decision makings amongst the people who are actually humanoids. They are always contemplating for changes in their lifestyle whilst keeping to the status quo… This is a clip of the lifestyle of the people of this land. If you want to see more clips, just press the lowest side of my torch light. Meanwhile, people in this part of eternity are destructive, never experience peace but always die to come alive to become vampires and unrepentant demons feasting on their fellow brethren. The cycle goes on. No father, no mother, no family! It’s all about a never-ending circle!
Second is the Land of Damnation. Again, like I mentioned, this is a land where the people are bond-slaved by punishment for eternity. They don’t die, but leave to face hell from the growing years of childhood to maturity and this never ends. To them, it’s a normal to leave a life of damnation for eternity. Really, they are more than physical beings who have been destined from the get-go by their fore-bears and offered to their gods as objects of eternal sacrifices in the form of excruciations. See for yourself the images on this footage…
Third is the Land of Hate. As the name suggests, this is a place where the convictions of the people, better known as the Humangles, are hinged on hatred. Here, Humangles detests each other that everything around them revolves around hatred. In fact, hatred had been their second nature since the gods acknowledge and eulogize hatred.
Next is the Land of Rulers. There are no subjects. Everyone is a ruler. In their mindset, they were all born to rule over no subjects. It’s a vacuum that has no second fiddle as everyone is a ruler of himself. In fact, the SPECIAL BEINGS, as they are known, claim that they are equal to each other in respect and function, in time and space. Eternity is never recognized in this land. There is nothing really fruitful here.
The Land of Immorality is a concern I must explain. Obviously the name suggests, the land exhibits the crest of immorality by the people. The people are known as the Angelic Beasts. All forms of sexual practices are seen here. Angelic Beasts have been breathing, moving and making merry with immorality with each other from eternity to eternity. Inexplicable calamities have befallen this land.
The land of Plenty is a place where the people observe all kinds of social and cultural normalcy, go about their day-to-day activities, subjects and rulers. However, they are the Humanimals; possessing both human and animalistic tendencies in usual and unusual manners. There are a whole of pleasures if you tread the right path and you stand to gain favours from the high and mighty of this land, considering your gifting if properly brought to use.
The seventh inhabitation is the Land of all Necessary Evils. Here, the people or Huevils are naturally born evil geniuses whose lifestyles follow the illumination of evil. Negativity of all forms is the order of the day. Nothing good exists in that land. All kinds of evil machinations, real and imagined, are effective. As a matter of fact, imaginary evil deeds take place before the actual ones. Huevils are generally affected by the outcome of imaginary evils than the ones that exist on the plane of reality.
Now, There are seven ways to move out of where you at-the Land of Eternity. However, you are left with one option. Whichever option, you take, remember, the tasks involved and what steps to take to become comfortable with the people of the land you chose to domicile.
Apparently dumbfounded, Tom thought hard as to where to put a full-stop-to live. Eventually, his mind was made up; settling out to journey and live in the Land of Plenty. However, Tom was faced with a challenge; how to scale through the Land of Infinity. In desperation, he asked the TRUTH, “How do I get out of here?” The TRUTH replied: Take hold of the Key of All Revelations and point it upwards. You will see the positions of the Seven Doors of Escape. These are known as the Seven Doors of Escape; the ones I informed you about. All you need do is to point at the one you chose and use it to unlock the Door you chose.
Tom did as he was told and behold, he saw himself teleported to where he chose- the Land of Plenty. Unaware of how he journeyed, Tom would meet more tides of immense challenges…

Tom was extraordinarily teleported to the Land of Plenty. Indeed, Tom arrived but was very fatigued. Consequently, sleep took a hold of him. In a deep sleep, Tom was able to activate his emotional energies which gave room for the esoteric voicing of the TRUTH, revealing to him more about the land. Fortunately, Tom’s interpretation gave an insight into what he would encounter subsequently.

The Land of Plenty is really an abode of blessings and curses. You dwell in abundance and if any foul play, you will unknowingly be punished by being slapped through a fierce beastly component and sent to any of the mentioned lands with high degrees of excruciations and stringent conditions in order to fit in.
The Humanimals had their existence that dated before the coming to being of eternity. There lived a certain king, named Melokinokia. He was at peace with all and sundry, every Tom, Dick and Harry of his village and beyond. Blessed with abundance of lands, precious stones, magnificent monuments, lovely ornaments and best-of-the-best of other kingly possessions, this land purely lived up to his name. There was an organized system of rulership; the people, who, before their transformation, were Humans, were law-abiding, secured and dwelt in self-sufficiency. Though they had a jealous High priest, Makana, who paid homage to their supreme god, Gariola -the god of plenty- through the sacrificing of humans, he was seen as a small fry whose service to the people weren’t needed because they were very prosperous in the things they do and the village was very peaceful and secured.
He succeeded by orchestrating a matrix of evil machinations by mis-informing the allies of King Melokinokia and the neigbouring villages. All manner of lies were told to High Chiefs and Member of Councils of the neigbouring villages, falsely claiming that Melokinokia had secret intentions of up-turning the trade and other relationships amongst the villages for his own aggrandizement. Makana’s conspiracies proved successful as his truthful lies led to the coalition of the forces of the neigbouring villages.
Unknown to King Melokinokia, Makana’s smiling and good-will gesture would, in no time, mean paving way for the success of impending evils on the land. Going about his usual activities, he arranged with his accomplices, the neigbouring villagers, using their forces of coalition, to locate the hide-outs of the Plenteous Life force the name for the defense of the Land of Plenty and unveil other vital information that will engender the ruining of King Melokinokia and his entire kingdom.
Makana’s gross jealousy stemmed from the fact that he was an unusual living entity. His human-bestial nature separated him from the rest of the people, even the king. Makana’s services were only needed when it comes to cleansing the land and purifying the forces of nature that encompass the existence of the kingdom. The human-bestial traits were traced to his genealogy. His fore-fathers committed a huge sin by sleeping with female beasts thereby giving birth to beings that carry both human and bestial features. His lineage was an appreciation of humans and beasts marrying each other in awkward manners. Makana, all through his eternal life, had been leaving in utter seclusion from his fellow people.

His conception of transforming the normal humans, seen in the kingdom where he lived by manipulating the forces and principles of nature such that they lay with beasts and become Just as he is- a human and a beast, was responsible for the impending attack that would hit King Melokinokia kingdom and change the physical lives of the people for eternity. He worked tooth and nail to ensuring the onslaught pulled through.
His conspiracy plots did pull through. With the support of the forces of his collaborators, the fierce took center stage. The coalition of forces struck, firing huge Arrows of Destruction at the not-alerted and unsuspecting Plenteous Force, almost breaking their strong holds by encroaching and truncating the longevity of its age-long defense strength. Nonetheless, the Plenteous Force, who bore the eternal loss of the people of the Land of Plenty and whose strength of defense were eternally formidable, despite unsolicited attacks by the coalition forces, replied the onslaught launched against them by exterminating the warriors and annihilating nearly all and sundry of the lands where each of the coalition of forces merged from. Eventually, like a no-winner-no-vanquish situation, the Plenteous Force and the coalition of forces had lots to lose, evenly; the lands, the dead bodies of their relatives, destroyed heritages and other valuable monuments were balanced from both sides. Particularly, the Land of Plenty was left to mourn its dead and survived by King Melokinokia, his household and the High Priest, Makana.
In desperation to have the remains of his kingdom, King Melokinokia, sought the helping hands of Makana. Though Makana obliged him, Melokinokia was left with the Hobson’s choice to accept the hard nut to crack decision of engaging his entire household in the act of bestiality. Makana also dropped the bombshell that broke the spines of every member of his household; he told them that they will transform to both humans and beasts. As a matter of fact, the living entity will be a duality of bestiality and humanity. In essence, they will be humans and at the same time, beasts. Simply, they will become Humanimals.
In the ritual exercise, Makana sacrificed the activity of each member of Melokinokia household to the god of plenty, Gariola, having manipulated the forces of nature; creating a falsehood of mirage of divine recognition as recognized by Gariola; giving rise to the untold consequence: the name of ‘love’ will never be mentioned in the land by anyone, including aliens.
As instructed, everything went well. And King Melokinokia and his entire households became Humanimals; carbon copies of Makana. King Melokinokia claimed his kingdom and became king but his household and generations would become Humanimals and dwell forever without the presence of ‘love’ mentioned by the people and aliens. Worse still, should any alien mentions it, that person will be sent to the great beyond; a fiercer destination of eternity.
Tom gracefully woke up from slumber and realized that he had a long way to go. Moving ahead to nowhere, he wandered the length and breadth of the land, not knowing the dangers he was exposing himself to. From the Mountains of Supply to the Hills of Sufficiency, From the Rivers of Life to the Streams of Sustenance, Tom was fugitively exploring the aesthetics of the wandered creations. Not knowing his waterloo was at the corner, Tom during his aimless movements saw a cave he later knew as the Carve of Magnificence. Then and there, his waterloo abruptly surfaced…
He got in there, only to be seized by the thin Air of Capture, a representation of the presence of Territorial Plenteous Warriors and blown by the Wind of Direction to the Interrogative Seat of King Melokinokia. It was at that point, Tom saw the warriors in person and his memory quickly unveiled in his dream of the physicality of the warriors-bestial and human features. Indeed, The TRUTH was right! All what it said were fresh in Tom’s memory and what he saw was just reality! Though Tom didn’t believe his eyes, he was faced with the challenge of escaping unhurt.

King Melokinokia, in a scary, echoing voice, asked Tom: “where are you coming from?”
Tom, in an attempt to hastily answer the ‘threatening’ question, replied, ‘I do not know’. Surprisingly, Tom was really serious with what he said; he couldn’t really figure out where he’s from and so, replied the king that way. However, King Melokinokia’s thought was afar of from Tom’s response-he taught Tom was trying to play a fast one. As a result, Tom was taken to the Abode of Torture, home for all forms of inhuman treatments administered to encroaching aliens. Tom would suffer apparently irreparable excruciations until luck smiled on him when he met with Princess Kalina, the King’s daughter.
Princess Kalina was the first and only child of her father who loved aliens but have been nurtured from the get-go not to utter the word ‘love’ and deal with aliens. In her eyes, Tom was a rare gem and in his predicament, she decided to take the bull by the horn by violating the Appeasing Rites for consenting, in terms of liberating aliens.
After undergoing a tip of the iceberg of anticipated excruciations, Tom, through the assistance of Princess Kalina passed through the needle’s eyes of her father’s punishment. Indeed, it was a red-letter day to Tom as he would have been slowly grinded to eternal dusts penultimate he sleeps with a beast which he detested. Although Tom’s period of excruciations was truncated by the influence of the princess who would become his lover, the warriors at the king’s court beat the black and blue off him!
Eternity progressed, Tom’s intimacy with Princess Kalina grew and a union was about being set up. With time in the space of forever, their relationship became so noticed by King Melokinokia, a very stern and never-say-die man. Subsequently, Tom inquired of her mother. He noticed an abrupt countenance on her face. Unknown to Tom, she possessed vast internal animalistic traits that suddenly manifest when provoked, especially when the word ‘love’ is mentioned by aliens. The fact was that all full-fledged natives of the Land of Plenty carried with them the same possession which Tom was oblivious of. Still, she was physically an epitome of beauty that matched Tom’s taste. He had no faintest idea he would be love’s victim!
Meanwhile, in response to his question, she explained in an unexciting tone: ‘my mum was a beast who was forced to sleep with my father for the continuity of peace and security as instructed by Priest Makana’.
Though surprised, he chose to see the possibility of an impending danger associated with such imbalance as mirage. Love was at work in him, despite being told not to mention the word ‘love’ again in the land.
After due consultations with King Melokinokia, an approval was made about their union. Things were going on well with the relationship between Tom and his damsel, Princess Kalina as they were ready to get unionized to each other until a tragic event that altered the Tom’s destiny forever broke out…
It was at the King’s monumental palace were the Rites of Initiations as to SEAL the relationship between Tom and Princess Kalina. Both parties were really excited because it will be remembered for eternity. Tom’s exuberance, however, got a better of him as he erred by saying: ‘I love you’. The entire kingdom, whose people were witnesses of the gathering and members of the ruling council marked their presence, suddenly broke in silence. Before the eyes could bleak, an uncontrolled angelic Force of Transformation suddenly filled the entire atmosphere and possessed every full-blooded native of the land. Consequently, they collectively and uncontrollably vetted the Wrath of Violation on Tom through the substitution of the beast to take charge and the human nature play second fiddle. Before the people, who had emptied their Anger of Violation gained their human control; Tom was sent to another world beyond.

“Where am I?” asked Tom, who had no idea of where he was. A response, this time, came in a direct language Tom could relate with. It was done on him that he’s level of consciousness had come alive.
It responded, hmmm… do you know who I am?
Tom, whose ordeals have been obliterated by his consciousness, replied in an insensitive manner; ‘I don’t give a damn about who you are. My business is to get out of here! Nothing more!’
Ha Ha Ha, it laughed, saying: maybe you will understand when your consciousness teaches you courtesy. If you need me, he continued, just call the name The Locator of Destiny.
He found himself in an awkward upside-down position while the main actors of the unknown place where busy going about their activities; feasting on each other. Worse still, what astonished Tom the most was the Cannibalistic showcase and the Vampirism the people demonstrated against themselves. Funny enough, he observed that the victims like the Mythical Phoenix, were re-born and transformed into unforgiving, voracious, cannibalistic and vampiristic entities, devouring other non-victims. It was obvious that Tom was just a shadow spectator in that his unusual upside-down position, in relation to the downside-up orientation the entities were placed, didn’t give room for these extraordinary beings to get to recognize his presence. Moreover, his alien nature alienated the people from feasting on him. Alas, Tom was left stagnant, although he did move around to witness the endless predator-on-prey cannibalistic acts and showcase of vampirism. Tom needed a way out of the dungeon he was in. Soon, he gained full consciousness and this would teach his courtesy how to communicate with the Locator of Destiny properly…
“Locator of Destiny”, Tom exclaimed, where are you? I’ve learnt my lessons…I’ll be your best friend! Matter of fact, I’d do anything if you ask me to let me out of here…Please help me!”
In a quick but highly resounding voiced response, it responded I see that you consciousness has changed your courtesy… I have accepted to be your friend. I will lead you out of here’ All you need do is to listen to my explanations. They are the only way out of here…’
First of all, I have to tell you where you are. This is the Land of Contemplation. Like the TRUTH told you, this is a location in eternity where the people are unrepentant cannibals and vampires whose contemplation lies in the number of devoured preys and whose preys come alive to become fiercer than their predators. In your case, although you will not unaffected, your predicament will be worse than the situation you were in the world prior to this one. In order to find your way out of this place, you will have to put the Garment of Falsehood. With the help of this garment, you will be on the same dimensional level with this people. This is the must-follow escape route. The Garment of Falsehood will obliterate the Shadow of Spectatorship, your current refuge and create the mirage that you are one of them. And as usual, you will become a potential target; a prey. Go and wear it…this is your chance.
As you wear it, you will have to use a possession in the garments’ outstretched purse; The Magic of Friendship. The Magic of Friendship helps to conjure people to become your friends. With this leverage, in order for you to escape, you will have to use the Garment of Falsehood itself to devour as many as you want. By so doing, you will automatically create a Divine Path of Illumination for you to tread. I do not know of the Destination of Eternity you will reach, I want to believe it will be much better than this one. I advise strongly to use what you have spiritually to transcend all worlds of eternity.

Tom did as he was instructed; locating where the Garment of Falsehood was placed-Hanging Support of Garmentology. As he wore it, he began wondering about the Interconnectivity of Mysteries between the Worlds of Eternity he found himself. He then realized the truisms The Book of Evils unveiled were concrete and worth appreciating.
Tom was to commence a Journey of no Return, witnessing a series of continued predator-on-prey dominance. The entities Tom saw would have been sagaciously dealt with. Knowing how fierce and voracious the ‘unusual’ beings were, Tom would have to carry out to the letter every piece of advice the Locator of Destiny in order to reach the Divine Path to Illumination. Without much ado, Tom was set to move-confronting them eyeball-to-eyeball and making a way for them. Now, he had to employ his savvy…
Putting on the Garment of Falsehood made him, like the Locator of Destiny mentioned, prey to the unrelenting vampires and cannibals. On the other hand, making use of the Magic of Friendship created a contradiction between their fierce disposition and hospitality. Tom saw twenty extraordinary beings come close to him with the aim of devouring the entirety of his being and feeding thoroughly on his carcass. Little did they know that they would become friends with Tom but become sacrificial preys for Tom’s Transcending Grace to reach the Divine Path to Illumination!
The twenty entities who joined forces with the aim of feasting on Tom became his friends. Through the sagacious use of his Magic of Friendship, he was able to create a facade relationship with them; with intents of engendering heated altercations amongst themselves. He actually succeeded in getting what he wanted; he used the negative dimension of the Magic of Relationship to necessitate creative force-energy of entropy amongst the pseudo twenty friends. An onslaught against each other was launched; an orchestration by Tom. Tom smartly distanced himself from the scene of the event but seemed to enjoy the pound-for-pound fight for flesh and blood amongst them, since he made it so in order to reach his end.
After the fight, one was left alive. Then, Tom never saw the survivor as a threat as it was a meta-physically dead corpse walking! He reasoned implicitly, as advised by the Locator of Destiny, that his being able to terminate the surviving specie will give room for Tom, via the use of the Magic of Friendship, utilize the Power of Invested Friendship Space, before the transformation into a fiercer predator takes place to make way for his exit out of the Land of Contemplation.

By and by, Tom effectively carried out what will go in his best interest; using the Magic of Friendship to meta-physically terminate the survivor before it transforms into a fiercer Zombie in order to create the Divine Path of Illumination for himself which was his only exit and made possible through the effective utilization of the Power of Invested Friendship Space. Tom saw the Path of Illumination stretch itself like a paparazzi platform for him to tread to another unknown world of eternity. Tom made it, having treaded that path, only to discover his inability to spiritually equip himself by seeking for more truths would cost him a great deal…

Again, the stage was set for Tom to find his way out of the most sensitive labyrinth he found himself. When he yelled at his voice, saying: ‘when am I? How do I get out of here?’
He heard a completely different reply which sounded as: ‘I am here…please do not make me move’. Unknown to him, he never knew what he was saying meant an activated but direct opposite of he requested for. And as such he was stagnant for eternity.
It was done on him that he would roam through the fore-walls from eternity to eternity without a sense of purpose until he gets the right interpretations to understand this realm of operation he knew nothing about. During the course of his aimless wanderings, he came across a scroll that had various inscriptions on it. These inscriptions, he suspected, were fortunately written by someone who got stuck in the middle of nowhere here and later, changed to the scroll he held in possession; a symbol of resigning to fate the end has come and existing as this material for references in the future so that unfortunate victims will have a clue as to how to cope with.
He had no choice than to read between the lines inscriptions with profound spiritual meanings. Though Tom’s spirituality didn’t necessarily commensurate with the demands of the written inscriptions in esotericism, his inner man could instinctively resonate with the efficacies in terms of interpretations. His inner man, by way of construing the inscriptions written on the scroll read the piece as:
My dear brethren, I have to let you know what this place is called because it was my greatest mistake that made me got stuck here. Do not bother inquiring of my name. Tom’s suspicion, afterall, was correct! Really, he was right!
First, where you are is what is called the Land of Spirituality. Actually, it was destiny to reach the Land of Necessary Evils because I did what the Locator of Destiny advised. But somehow, I got hopelessly stranded here. Tom was shocked because he did exactly the same thing as advised. To him, this meant that his scaling through to be a better world of definite eternity has been completely ruined.
Now, let me educate you a little. This land will practically tell you that the spiritual takes care and controls the physical. In the spiritual, there are no restrictions. As a matter of fact, eternity is an understatement; the most common language. Here, every spirit being minds the interest being protected in the stranded state it’s in. More importantly, the spiritual undertones communicated in absolute esotericism in the form of inscriptions as you will need to carry out certain activities to navigate your stagnancy to an extent are unveiled.
Behind the scroll is a paper, coded with esoteric and spiritual languages that will translate you to different spiritual dispositions. Right now, you are yet to adjust to this world and as such, you will have to use the coded papers available. You must choose only one. Whichever you choose, you will bear the consequences, either in the negatives or positives. I must warn that you will have to discern every code you see as every touch you make on any code based on what it means in relation to the intensity of your discernment will be tantamount to your eventual spiritual state. There is no going back!
Above all, I wish you the best of luck as you travel endlessly and aimlessly the world of the spiritual. This is my fate, my existence you hold in your possession. Bye!
To Tom, this meant the end of the road. But before surrendering to fate, he had to work with the codes on the paper he had taken. On the paper, the codes button-like inscriptions that are activated upon the discernment quotient the entity possess. The codes on the paper Tom held were two; one for transformation and the other for direction. He was lucky to pick the coded paper but lack the right discernment quotient to spiritually resonate with the dynamic positioning of the codes.
Desperate to make a head-way, somehow, Tom, not knowing what was right for him, touched one of the codes, having a strong conviction that something will happen. He’s intuition was correct! He was transformed into an angelic being with wings like the soaring eagle. His position was far above the threshold base he stood. However, he was afloat and cut up in the Air of the Spirit. Not knowing what to do next, he was left with no choice than to touch the only code, not minding where this will get him to…
Tom found himself flying downwards in an infinite manner. It was at this point he understood the spirituality he was in. It was done on him that he was flying through the Air Waves of Infinite Abyss. Trying to help himself, he yelled: ‘Stop me! Stop me! I want to leave here… I am tired of everything and done with the whole situation…!’ Again, what he meant in the spiritual sense was ‘Hasten me! Hasten me! I am strong enough to carry on with this situation’ interestingly, the more Tom kept yelling the tenser his flying became.
Luckily for Tom, his yelling was echoed as being voiced out, despite his sleeping. He kept disturbing everybody; Sarah, his mother, his younger siblings and his close-door neigbour-including Kyle.
“Mom, why is Tom just shouting while asleep?” asked Gat who was getting in the sitting room.
“Dear, you’ll understand when you grow up. Your brother is going through a lot of challenges. But he’ll be fine! Never mind! Let’s play some CARD games”
“Okay, mom!”
Kyle and the other neighbors rushed in to Sarah’s apartment to find out what was happening. “What’s wrong with Tom?” Kyle inquired
As the other neighbors were murmuring, Sarah told Gat: “Sweetheart, please, go to your bedroom. Don’t be annoyed, son. I want to discuss something very important with your neighbors. Or you could play with Steve in his bedroom… I’ll send for you both when I’m done!”
“Mom, if it’s about Tom, I can stay to hear what you have to say to them. Afterall, he’s my brother!”
“I’m sorry this discussion is not for you. Our neighbors have a lot to do with their time. And I won’t want to waste their time! Gat…, do as I say!”
Gat went to join Steve in Steve’s bedroom upstairs.
As she saw her son leave the sitting room, Sarah opened up: “You see, Kyle, Henry, Dan, William and Ham, I’ve been finding it difficult to cope with Tom’s situation. I love my son so much but he’s giving cause to worry! My husband is no more…And here I am caring for the whole family…Gat, Steve and himself! I feel like giving up on him!!! His obsession for books containing evil and his isolation from people are driving me nuts! We have quarreled on several occasions…We have shouted at each other. Worse still, he’d taken my motherly advice with deaf ears. Despite my talking to him, he has dissociated himself from me. I’m fed up of him, to be candid! ”
“I’m Tom’s neigbour”, Kyle said, while attempting to console Sarah, who was about shedding tears, “We’ll do our best to ensure that Tom be in the best of behaviors. Never mind, he’ll get back to normal. It’s just that we were disturbed by the noise he’d making. Ms. Sarah, let’s wake him up from his nosy sleep. We’ll all match to his room and chant ‘Wake Up, Dream Boy!’ Do you agree with me?
Henry, Dan, William and Ham said “Yes!” Sarah made a reluctant “Yes” response.
Sarah went to Steve’s room to carry along Steve and Gat to match with others to Tom’s bedroom, the last bedroom upstairs.
They got to Tom’s bedroom. While Tom was yelling, Kyle instructed: “People, at the count of three, we will all shout ‘Wake Up, Dream Boy!’ Now, One… Two… Three…”
“Wake Up, Dream Boy!” Chanted the voices of Gat, Steve, Dan, Ham, Kyle, Henry and Sarah.
“Oh…It’s just a dream! Can’t believe it! What came over me?!” Tom reacted, after waking up from sleep, sweating and showing restlessness as he saw his mom, brothers and neighbors surround him.
“I think you’d have to ask yourself the question!!!” Sarah yelled.

*Tom went to a rehabilitation center and in no time, he was mentally fit for relationship with his peers and the opposite sex.
*He was able to reconcile with his friends, especially Mike whom he offended at the get-together.
*At school, he became focused and excelled in his exams as unveiled by his exceptional grades. He furthered his education to college, obtained his first, second and third degrees in the academic cadre. He is an authority in Juvenile Research and Humanity at the Manama Institute for Juvenile Studies and currently runs a charitable organization to rehabilitate juveniles from objects of obscenity in the Isle of Grata. He is currently co-authoring a book with Kyle, “The Making of a True Relationship”
*The Book of Evils was returned to the bookstore where Tasha worked. Surprisingly, Tom married Tasha. Today, they are blessed with four children.
* Tom Reconciled with his mother who recently ‘called it quits with life on earth’ and accommodated his younger siblings for a number of years until they will mature to fend for themselves. His younger siblings-Stan and Gat- are happily married with their families.

***Worthy of Note: The characters as used in this work piece are imagined and places are unreal. Therefore, the material is not targeted at any individual, group of persons or organizations. All constituents of this literary piece are a creative wielding and expertise of the author which is solely for the reading pleasure of people and for filming by interested movie makers.

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