Legacy Letter

by dawn Balsdon

  • Literary (Genre)
  • Literary (Length) Short (under 1000 words)

Sometimes when death is imminent, patient's will write a legacy letter for their future family members. This is just one of those times a grandmother needs to share her love.

To My Dearest Little One,
Although we will never have the chance to meet here on earth, please know that I will always be with you. I am very proud and happy to be your grandmother. Even though it makes me incredibly sad to know that ALS is making it very hard for me to stay long enough to see you come into this world. But I already know you. You will be strong and determined like me. You will be a terrific cook and have your mother’s eyes. You will have a funny sense of humour and smile with your whole face like your grandfather. And like your father, my wonderful, caring and gentle son, you will wear your heart on your sleeve and always help those who need you. For you my dear grandchild, are the culmination of all my hopes and dreams. The love that surrounds you will protect you like the blanket I wanted to knit you, but my hands don’t work like they use too. So instead, let me cover you a million butterfly kisses from heaven as I say hello and good-bye with this short note. I will always be with you.
With Love Always,

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