Poems For the Wry

by Hayley Hofbauer

  • Literary (Genre)
  • Literary (Length) Short (under 1000 words)

A few sample poems of Satire, Sarcasm, Individualism and Humor.

Don’t be so picky,
Take the available lot,
Be grateful for a man,
if breath’s all he’s got.

A woman alone,
Needs a protector,
Cause she might not succeed
as her own managing director.

Go out with the runts,
the unattractive right through,
but you be thin and pretty,
Fingers crossed he’ll pick you.

So what if he’s slow.
Not everyone’s bright.
Dumb down and be nice,
Keep the conversation light.

If he’s a bit rude,
Gets angry too fast,
Don’t say anything,
On a date you’ve been asked!

A sense of humour,
Need not be important,
You’re being too greedy,
Such demands are abhorrent.

Don’t hold out for better,
that may not exist.
Too old to wait longer,
Can’t afford to resist.

Ignore the annoying,
Repress the disgust,
Grab onto a man,
Manufacture some lust.

You don't have your youth,
or enough money,
Pretend he’s attractive,
smart, interesting and funny.

Don't you be picky,
when choosing a mate.
It’s only your life,
So go on the date!

No more running.
It's easier being free.
The answer was always,
the best part of me.

Who cares what they think,
Who presume to be.
Just jealous about,
the bold and gutsy.

I’ll now finally go,
toward what lies ahead.
Put my money on smarts,
not currency in bed!

Smarts I will not sell,
for any small fee,
cuz a girl's gotta think,
of an RRSP.

People write their own lives,
creating the direction.
To plagiarize authorship,
the worst form of self-deception.

Claiming to know ‘truth’,
pre-determined for most,
is only blind programming,
Not an achievement to boast!

There’s all of that noise,
so much of the same.
But too much to lose,
to continue that game.

Look at you now,
the Who never was,
too scared to explore,
never think all because.

Hate who she became,
what she never thought she’d be,
drowned in the lie,
That it was all consciously.

Why? You ask,
all empathic and blue,
you’d have to ask her,
she’d explain why it’s true.

To think may lead,
into uncharted terrain,
too scared to find out,
that she might be “insane”.

It is just about her,
so closed and so tight,
where she struggles to remain,
with all of her might.

A life no one should envy,
she’s missing the point,
and she’ll never know how good,
it was to smoke a big joint!

What is complacency?
The rules you think you know.
So then what is passion?
The place you should not go.

We all want to be happy,
and some pretend it’s so.
Yet do not think, and do not feel,
unless others say so.

And live a life that’s not,
the argument seems to be.
Dislike anything different,
that might challenge me.

But what’s wrong with true passion?
The gamble to exceed.
The good, the bad is oh so glad,
You attempted to proceed.

Why live in fear,
because the unknown awaits?
You forget that’s the fun,
and you once had begun,
With a heart filled with love and no hate.

My, how life is strange,
We’re taught to pre-arrange,
But just when we're through,
We’re forced to undo,
The only thing constant is change!

So what do I know,
Is it all just a show,
to be the perfect creation?

Perfection should not,
Be all that you got,
cause alone it‘s complete retardation.

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