Wings Toward Sunlight

by anna yin

  • Literary (Genre) Romance
  • Literary (Length)

This book was my first collection of poetry published by Mosaic Press in 2011. It was well received by public, in 2014 Mosaic Press ran a second print. Poems in this book develop my perspective on personal and social issues of the day. In them, I combine Chinese and Western cultures with a romantic awareness and philosophic inspiration from Nature. With the power of imagination and everyday events, I reflect the transcendent moment with its sense of longing. I am glad to receive many wonderful feedback and reviews. To read book reviews and comments, please check:

Anna Yin's first collection of poetry, Wings Toward Sunlight, in a delicate and sensitive manner, threads together the more mature approach of western romantic poetry and the finest touches of eastern nature poetry-----there is a sort of meeting and marriage of Taoist nature poetry and aphorisms with the most accessible and vulnerable forms of western romantic poetry. Yin explores, in her gentle manner, the subtle nuances of love, memories of sadder but deeper experiences of love and living with the soul scars of loss. Most of the poems are replete with the speech of nature. The searching quality of ‘There Must Be Something’, like a trailhead, walks the attentive reader into what it means to desert the sterile ethos of hiddenness and ‘Grow Faces’. I was reminded of Lewis’ Till We Have Faces in the final section of Wings Towards Sunlight....
--review from Ron Dart

Poems in this book:


On our bed
we lie like flatfish.

Outside, stars grow old.

A white cocoon
casts its image on the river.

In sparse shadows
a willow dangles.

Along the thorn fences
raspberries bleed.

They remember
once being the fire
drawing the moth
flapping its wings
to flames.

•Editors' note: Read "A Cup of Fine Tea: Anna Yin's "Raspberries"" here:
•This poem was nominated by Cha for the Pushcart Prize 2010.

This book was published by Mosaic Press in 2011. It was well received by public, in 2014 Mosaic Press ran a second print.

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