A Spear in Flight

by Douglas Owen

  • Literary (Genre) Action/Adventure
  • Literary (Length) Long (3000+words)

An excerpt from A Spear in Flight – A YA Fantasy following the lives of three children and the people responsible for their training as Spears. A Spear, or protector, is trained from birth in fighting, endurance, logic, reason, law, and punishment. They train until 14-years-old and then are set free into the Realm to enforce the law of the land. A Spear in Flight introduces the reader to the fantasy world of the Realm, and shows them that every child can make a difference in life. Recommended for ages 13 plus Available on Amazon and other online book retailers Available by special order, though bookstores worldwide Published by Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications

“Up children, it is time to start our day!”

Chail looked up and down the barracks, watching the children rub the sleep from their eyes. It was going to be a glorious day. The sun was shining, the fresh air was still in the surrounding area, the stink of the city not yet raising from the streets, and spring had just pushed the cold of winter out the door. Today was the day they started endurance training. Today the children would get their first glimpse of the wild.

“No, not parade clothes, workout clothes. And come to the center of the barracks for stretching,” he called out to them.

The children obeyed his directions and put their workout clothes on. Jon was a little confused; they usually washed and had breakfast first.

“Master Chail, are we not washing up for breakfast?” he called out.

“Not this morning. This morning we are going for a run,” Chail said.

Groans came up from the children. Going for a run meant running the circumference of the yard for an hour. Nothing to see but mud and equipment, it was something they did every day but never this early.

“Once you have dressed, put a dirk in your belt,” Chail announced. That will make them think, he thought, watching some of the faster children look up in surprise. They did do what he told them, though, following his instructions to the letter.

“Three lines, front to back, no lead or trail. You will follow me and stay close. For no reason are you to break the formation, no matter what happens or what you see. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master Chail,” they responded as one.

“Okay, my young Spears. On the march!”

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