Artist Workshops & Residencies

Sparkbox Studio Artist Residency Program

Ongoing Applications Accepted

Picton, Ontario

Spark Box Studio’s Artist Residency Program provides live/work space to accommodate both emerging and professional printmakers, photographers, painters, illustrators and writers. Artists-in-residence have access to our professional studio and resources. The Residency Program affords artists the space and time to support the advancement of their careers and to strengthen their practice. Our program also offers a variety of career building opportunities for artists including our Emerging Artist Guide, opportunities for business workshops with local professionals and consultations with local artists and curators.

Artists-in-residence stay with us, Chrissy and Kyle, in a charming century home located just outside the town of Picton in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Interested artists may apply to live and work at Spark Box for a duration of one weekend to 2 months.

Spark Box Studio can facilitate up to three residents at any one time. Residents receive a bedroom and a dedicated semi-private studio space.

Artist Residency Prices:

Weekend – $120.00 + tax
One week – $330.00 + tax
Two week – $525.00 + tax
Three week – $630.00 + tax
One month – $780.00 + tax
Two months – $1,350.00 + tax

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Art Jam / Open Studio


Markham, Ontario

Winged Canvas, 91 Anderson Avenue, #12

Working in a group of creative people is both inspiring and shown to be highly motivational. The goal of Art Jams are to work openly among other creatives and bounce ideas and inspiration off each other. Unlike other workshops, Art Jams are drop-in art sessions with no step-by-step instruction. However, students may ask for creative direction and feedback from the instructor, who may also be working among you. Workspace is divided into drawing and painting stations. You may finish artwork in progress, or come in with a new idea to pursue. So come get your creative juices flowing!

For more information:!artjam-openstudio/ckmw

Les ateliers C


Montréal, Québec

Les ateliers C, 7900 Avenue Henri Julien

Les Ateliers C est un espace de création en arts visuels. Ouvert depuis avril 2011 dans le magnifique Quartier Villeray, l’espace offre une grande variété de cours en arts visuels pour les adultes, les jeunes et les enfants.

Aux Ateliers C nous souhaitons faire vivre aux participants une expérience artistique unique et enrichissante. Dans un climat convivial, Les Ateliers C offre un espace lumineux et inspirant propice à la découverte des bienfaits et des plaisirs qu’apporte l’art dans notre vie.

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Introducing the Toronto School of Art Fellowship Program


Toronto, ON

The TSA Fellowship Program is designed for students of all ages and levels of experience who demonstrate a promise in the visual arts, offering a professional, supportive network for individuals looking to pursue a career as a practicing artist.

TSA Fellowships are offered in: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Interdisciplinary, but are not necessarily dedicated to one specific discipline.

Fellows dedicate themselves to their practice in a particular area of study with the support of a TSA Faculty Mentor while continuing to expand style, technique, process, method, and concept. For each discipline there is a recommended stream of courses to select from.

The TSA Fellowship Program contains 3 tiers of 8 courses for completion within a 3-year time period.

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Art Portfolio Lab Workshop


Markham, Ontario

Winged Canvas, 91 Anderson Avenue, #12

Art Portfolio Lab is a workshop for art, design or advertising students applying to OCAD or other College/University program that requires a portfolio for entry. This workshop will help you edit existing pieces and create new ones to show off your technique and conceptual thinking. Your instructor will work with you during studio time to develop specialized pieces for your desired art program. Each student will get one-on-one time with the instructor and assignments tailored to their specific portfolio criteria. Studio time is used efficiently – instructor and peer review, editing/improving pieces in progress, developing personal assignments, and help with design software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

For more information:!art-portfolio-lab/c1q3x​

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